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1pc Ceramic flowerpot Succulent white porcelain potted plant small flowerpot Simple white small hexagonal succulent pot with bamboo holder

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Although this product looks very ordinary, but after sticking our label, it stands out directly, and the plants planted on it have a different improvement. Even the plants live in such extravagant, I have to take a look. Even with the sticker attached it's not just a flower pot, it can be an ornament, an accessory pot, or a key pot.

[Ceramic Pots with Drainage Holes and Sauces] - These indoor pots with drainage holes are perfect for healthy, luxurious plant growth, the saucers and drainage holes prevent water accumulation in the pots and allow air flow to promote healthy roots. The dishes are also removable - so when you want to drain the pot, you won't accidentally spill the soil in the sink! These pots are perfect for future gardeners as well as seasoned green fingers.
[Perfect and practical gift for an indoor gardener] - These houseplant pots are perfect for houseplants and succulents. It is very suitable as a succulent pot and various small and medium indoor plants, such as snake plant, green dill, spider plant, aloe vera, etc. Designed for easy maintenance, the saucer can be easily removed to prevent plants from being overwatered. Compact and easy to carry, the beautiful and modern colors are a great addition to your living room.
[High quality, great value for money] - Ceramic flower pot with smooth exterior design, hexagonal, full ceramic flower pot. Plant pots add a lovely touch to your indoor living space such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, instantly turning home space into a green living area.
[Safe & Solid Packaging & Best Gift] The succulent flower pot is wrapped in thick foam, which is shock and drop resistant, reducing the possibility of damage in transit. Each pot has a small ridge at the bottom for more stability when placed on a tray. Ideal attractive gift for plant lovers, weddings, birthdays, Mother's Day, Christmas and New Years.
Packing: One flowerpot and one flowerpot base