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PU leather + metal buckle tissue box holder, rectangular tissue paper cover, letter printing foldable napkin packaging container, suitable for living room, bedroom, dressing table, home office

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  • Dress up a standard rectangular tissue box with this stylish pillow set; the cardboard tissue box can be easily hidden; the clean and cute design is very suitable for home or commercial use; suitable for any decoration. It is an ideal solution to hide unsightly tissue boxes. The tissue box cover will add a natural and dreamlike embellishment to any colorful interior.
  • Easy to maintain-Made of high-quality PU leather, waterproof, can prevent the tissue from getting wet. Easy to clean, smooth surface and dirt-resistant. Use a damp cloth to easily remove stains
  • [Perfect Size] The size is 20*13*12 cm. The leather tissue box is rectangular in design and can accommodate all common tissue boxes.
  • Lightweight and durable-you can throw it into the room without injury; it will not deform or be damaged easily, and will not dent the ground if it is dropped.
  • Suitable for any room-also suitable for storing small items. Suitable for living room, kitchen, bedroom, dressing table, dining table, car, office desktop...

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