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Retro personality creative knotted chain stitching pearl bracelet


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🧡 High quality: This is an elegant bracelet, knotted chain stitched with pearls, the chain is 18.5cm long, the weight of 16 grams will not make you feel heavy, simple and exquisite design, the beauty and charm of the bracelet wrapped around the wrist
🧡Bracelet: -- It consists of about 6 exquisite pearls, which are selected through our detailed sorting process. Each pearl is selected for its quality, color, luster and cleanliness, adding charm to the bracelet
🧡 High Safety: - Carefully manufactured, high quality, safe ingredients, free of BPA, PVC, phthalates and lead, very skin friendly and non-allergenic. Wearing pearls can not only beautify, protect the skin, delay skin aging, but also improve immunity, nourish the liver, improve eyesight, and calm the mind. Good for health, showing femininity and temperament
🧡 PERFECT COUPLE:--Wearable for any occasion, easier to wear outdoors, to add brilliance to your daily life. These pearls can be paired with elegant evening or work dresses. Super white hands, exudes body and personality
🧡 After Sales Service: -- The overall design of this bracelet is very unique, and it feels different to wear. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we hope you have any questions about our items, please leave a message